Kate Colbert

About the Author

Kate is an accomplished marketer, speaker and communications consultant who has led marketing initiatives for brands big and small, domestic and international. She is regarded as an eminent strategic storyteller with the ability to connect business and academic brands with enthusiastic and loyal customers to generate sustained, profitable growth. Think Like a Marketer is her first non-fiction business book.

What Does it Mean to

“Think Like a Marketer?”

Thinking like a marketer requires that you:

01. Communicate for connection and meaning, not just to transact sales
02. Live and die by your customer insights
03. Market in a way that’s strategy-religious and tactic-agnostic
04. Create cultures and processes that align with your brand
05. Do everything in service of maintaining a virtuous cycle of creating value for the customer while capturing value for you.

Go Beyond the Book

Hire Kate to:

  • Create, build or protect your brands
  • Conduct market research to find game-changing insights
  • Guide you in developing the right story and the right strategy for sustained success
  • Train you and your teams to be more effective communicators, at every level and in every circumstance
  • Deliver a keynote or workshop experience on the Think Like a Marketer approach to leadership

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